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Khadi Cotton Jamdani – MCFJ0037

The traditional art of Jamdani is believed to be a fusion of the ancient cloth making techniques of Bengal which is more than 2,000 years old. The term ‘Jamdani’ is from Persian origin, deriving from ‘Jam’, meaning flower, and ‘Dani’, a vase or a container, named after the decorative floral patterns found on the textile.

The most remarkable aspect of Jamdani weaving technique is that the pattern is not sketched or outlined on the fabric. The weaver uses fine needle like spindles to conjure magic with extra weft work that can rival the most intricate embroidery. Each motif speaks of elegance and sophistication.

Jamdani is the most expensive product of handlooms since it takes hours and hours of exemplary dedication and skill by the weavers to create each and every intricate and exquisite piece of Jamdani work.

In recognition of this incredible art form and heritage, Jamdani has been declared by the UNESCO as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’.

Product Name: Khadi Cotton Jamdani – MCFJ0037
Product Code: MCFJ0037
Material(s): Khadi Cotton Jamdani
Measurements: Width – 45 inches/110 cm
Thread Count: 84/100 Single Ply
Price: On Request